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Conyers - Covington Alumni Chapter
of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

Greetings, You've found us! The Conyers-Covington Alumni chapter of a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated!

What a privilege it continues to be to serve the Rockdale and Newton county communities. I am the chapter President. Our chapter has much in store for the 2014-2015 fraternal year. We are re-energized and re-invigorated. Inspired by what has accomplished in our previous year and the possibilities of what is to come.

Our core values remain consistent with the Grand Chapter: to add value to our community, to mentor to our youth and to broaden our fraternityís brand. The motto: ďAchievement in Every Field of Human EndeavorĒ rings true at The Conyers- Covington Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. If you are member in the Rockdale or Covington GA area, looking to join a local chapter, please feel free to contact me at the email address below. Any community based organization that wishes to partnership please reach out to me as well. Letís work together to build a stronger future for our family and friends.

Sincere regards,

Micheal Cobb

Conyers-Covington Alumni Chapter History

Chartered on November 12, 2011

The Charter Members:

Kelly Bennett, Micheal Cobb, Robert Daniels Jr., Reginald Thompson, Gerald Herod, Swindale Rhode, Sean Tartt, Joseph Weatherspoon, Dr. Robert Culver, Jerry Manlove-Simmons, Carl McRae, Rodney ‚ÄúRJ‚ÄĚ Johnson

Chapter motto: Protectors of the East Gate

"Always Brotherly"

Call Us: (336) 422-NUPE

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